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About Community Survey establishes a Moorish National Registry for the Reclamation of birthrights of Muslim people of Moorish origin of American birth and of slave ancestry, residing in the United States of America; members of the world community of Muslims and of Islamic Faith; Whose ancestors were unlawfully and forcefully brought to the shores of America against their will and were enslaved; and were eventually freed through the Thirteenth Amendment of 1865; as set forth that all men are created free and equal and are entitled to life, liberty, property, and justice.

Since the founding in 1913, there were Moorish American communities established in 62 U.S. Cities; in 27 States (includes the District of Columbia); and in 10 of the Ten Places With the Largest Number of Black or African Americans (see The Black Population: 2010 Census Briefs). There were an estimated 100,000-registered Moors nationwide at the time the Moorish Science Temple of America held its first National Convention at Chicago, Illinois in October 1928 (See photo at right).

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